Zota Pos


The most effective
All-in-One POS system

Queue (turn) management

The job of allocating turns for nail technicians is never easy. This is one of the most controversial issues in nail salons. With ZOTA’s automatic queue management feature, allocating turns will become easier.

Wholesale credit card processing company

As a credit card processing wholesaler, we can assist you quickly and directly with any update on your accounts  or chargeback, retrieval, and dispute procedures.

Accept all forms of payment (EMV chip, Swipe, NFC)

ZOTA payment accepts all payment types and  cards with the best rate, ensuring satisfaction for your customers.

The company with the best 24/7 multiple languages customer support.

We are proud to be the company with the best customer support team in the market today, always ready to serve customers 24/7.


  • Offering all Social Media Marketing services for Nail & Hair Salon
  • Facebook / Google / Instagram/ Website design
  • You will save up to $1,800/year in service fees when you switch from another company to our company
  • Help owners to gain more new customers and
    increase income for nail salons

SEO Service

SEO stands for “Google search engine optimization”, this is the most effective marketing tool for nail salons today. Customers who go to nail jobs often Google the keyword ” Nail salon near me ” to search for nail salons near them. If your nail salon does not appear in the top of the first positions, you have already lost a lot of potential customers from Google. Because this tool is very effective, the cost to do SEO is often very high, but SEO is a completely Free service of ZOTA. Not only that, we also promise that your nail salon will reach the Top 10 in up to 3 months .

How to Apply Nail Salon
Management Technology

Now, in order for your business to grow, you must apply technology to your nail salon. However, applying the wrong technology, typically using too many incompatible systems will not help the nail salon operate more effectively, but on the contrary will cause more inconvenience. Let’s listen to you… share your lessons and experiences before succeeding with ZOTA POS All-In-One.


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